As Asia's first technology brand to deliver an Internet management solution, SANGFOR's IAM series can help you achieve complete management of your organization's Internet access. By virtue of powerful functions and easy administration, SANGFOR's IAM family delivers the most effective solutions for P2P traffic management, prevention of unauthorized information disclosure, legal risk mitigation, Internet access usage monitoring, and online security, plus many other features.

SANGFOR's IAM has an industry-leading network behavior recognition ability, with an extensive built-in application recognition database. IAM products can govern up to 500 types of Internet applications. Statistics-based P2P smart recognition technologies can identify encrypted, newly-released or even unknown variants of P2P applications, providing technological assurance for complete governance of P2P applications.

Based on nine years of real world research and development in core networking technologies, as well as a fully optimized systems architecture and a high-performance hardware platform, the SANGFOR IAM series is significantly more advanced than comparable offerings. The IAM products can govern networks of more than 50,000 users.

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Enterprise WANs face two main areas of concern: connectivity and applications. With linkage, key issues include limited bandwidth, long network delays and severe packet loss. With applications, complications arise from transmission of large volumes of data and low transmission efficiency of the applications themselves (which were most likely designed for LANs) when operating across a WAN.

SANGFOR WAN optimization delivers multi-layer WAN optimization, improving the data transmission efficiency over physical links and significantly improving application responsiveness, especially in environments of high packet loss and high latency. Improvements are especially noticeable with applications that work very inefficiently over the WAN (such as Microsoft Exchange).

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SANGFOR WAN optimization uses signature-based stream caching, which can reduce redundant WAN data by as much as 30 to 90 percent. Its multi-layer optimization results in much speedier data transmission, avoiding or delaying expensive bandwidth upgrades, accelerating user traffic and ultimately delivering excellent ROI.
After deploying SANGFOR WAN optimization solutions, enterprise headquarters, branch locations and partners can experience accelerated network performance of important applications and data, anywhere in the world. SANGFOR WAN optimization delivers a LAN-like experience over the enterprise WAN.
For a more scalable, complete infrastructure acceleration solution, look no further than SANGFOR WAN optimization. The products can also leverage built-in VPN to provision an accelerated VPN service to support remote users with flexible and diversified virtual enterprise connectivity.
SANGFOR is the first vendor in Asia to conceive of its innovative WAN optimization concept and offer real world solutions. The company has customers from a wide variety of industry segments who are enjoying the speed, security, reliability and cost-effectiveness ROI of WAN optimization.

P-guard, powerful IT management software, is used to protect your valuable data, mange employee's computer usage and online activity, and ease system management. It effectively safeguards intellectual property, improves work productivity, and reduces IT management workload for organizations of all sizes. IP-guard provides unmatched and comprehensive features to help you solve most of the intractable problems which are caused by the extensive use of computers in offices. It consists of 14 modules. In order to meet different customers' needs and save money for customers, 14 modules can be optionally selected and packed according to different management requirements.

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Rich Features, Powerful Function

IP-guard consists of 14 modules and each module carries incredible functions. It effectively protects data security, monitors users' computer and internet activities, and eases system management.

Central Management

P-guard enables you to centrally control and monitor users' computer and internet usage whenever and wherever you are.

Comprehensive Data Protection

IP-guard comprehensively and effectively protects what you value. It efficiently prevents data leakage through various channels (e.g., email, IM application, removable storage device, printing)

Powerful Monitoring

IP-guard not only enables you to check uses' document actions, email activity, IM activity and print activity, but also backs up documents before they are modified. It automatically saves a copy of incoming and outgoing emails, outgoing attachments, instant messages and documents printed for your latter review.

Visual Screen Logging

IP-guard provides screen monitoring feature to let you visually know what users are exactly doing with their computers. And it records users' screen snapshots in detail.

Remote Troubleshooting

IP-guard enables you remotely diagnose and fix system failures without leaving your workstation in order to quickly solve the problems and shorten system downtime.

Accurate IT Inventory

IP-guard automatically collects the hardware and software information of every agent computer within your company. It lets you get a clear idea of how many IT assets are in your company and what are their properties just in a short while.

Easy to Use

The interface of IP-guard is user-friendly. You can easily set any policy to control users’ computer usage without any training.

Fast Installation

IP-guard is fast to be installed on your computers. Much software requires days to be deployed and installed on all the computers inside the organization, but IP-guard only requires several hours to be installed on thousands of computers.

Completely Invisible to Users

IP-guard agent is running in the background and it is completely invisible to users.


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